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Burner Brothers supply lots of different services both within the social media space such as Twitter Followers and the like and also web and SEO services, SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is an essential part of a good website, SEO will affect your ranking within big search engines such as Google. We pride ourselves in being affordable for our promotional services, for too long the world of promo was only open to those with a big wallet within all walks of business including the music industry, however this has now all changed.

Many people will ask themselves should i buy Twitter Followers ? Why is it important to have Twitter Followers ? Well the answer is simple, on Twitter and most other social networks including Facebook and YouTube, promotion is self fulfilling, and by that what we mean is in theory the more of something you have the more of something you will get. For Instance on Youtube in general the more views you have the more views you will get, this is because the more popular a video is on youtube i.e. how many views and likes it has, the higher up it will be displayed in the youtube search results, this means that when a youtube user is searching for particular term the more popular videos will be displayed higher. Of course it's not black and white, and other factors such as comments and social popularity will all come into play.

Let's take a look at another example, why it's important to have Twitter Followers, Twitter is one of the biggest social network in the world and is quickly overtaking even Facebook in popularity. Imagine your a musician (chances are you may well be!) and an a'n'r from a record label looking to sign some new talent, in the world of talent you may be for instance the best singer in the world, but if someone is to check your Twitter profile and there is a low amount of followers what does this say ? Quite simply... no one cares. And in the world of music and other business for that matter if no one else cares then why should somebody else ? This is why it's important to have a good following on your social networks, its the age-old saying... image is everything and it rings true today more than ever, do not let your brand image let you down !